Logo design and branding

A logo design should be simple, as often the simplest designs are the most memorable. It’s important that a logo design has longevity so it’s effective in years to come. Versatility is also a key factor we consider during the design process as the logo will need to be applied across various media both in digital and in print. 

Every logo is different, but our process of logo design is the same. Although some may take longer than others to create or require more research and planning. Here is an outline of the stages we include in the logo design process:

Design Brief
A brief is vital so we are both on the same page and understand what you need from a logo. We will ask you lots of questions to help construct a clear design brief.

Looking into your industry gives us insight into your business, it’s history and competitors. 

The design stage begins with sketches and initial designs, often created in black and white initially so focus is on the shape and form before colour is applied. 

Design development
Through your feedback your logo is developed and crafted into the final agreed version. 

Logo application
At this stage your logo comes alive as it’s applied to stationery and integrated into marketing material. 

Brand guidelines
If you require brand guidelines we can create these along with the logo design. Basic guidelines might suit smaller companies, whilst larger organisations may require a more comprehensive guideline document.

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